Minot Air Force Base Address
Minot AFB, ND 58705

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Minot AFB
North Dakota


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Minot Air Force Base

Minot is a US Air Force Base located just miles from the city of Minot, North Dakota. Minot city is also the namesake for this base. It is home to two major USAF divisions: 5th Bomb Wing and 91st Space Wing. These also give the logos for the base. 5th Bomb Wing has an image of a skull surrounded by two wings, the symbol of determination and flight, while the 91st Space Wing's features an arm holding together three thunders, the Planet Earth and olive branches; they are the symbols of power, strength, determination, global thinking and peace. Minot AFB is also home to many B-52H Stratofortress bombers and UH-1N helicopters.

The mission of Minot AFB is to be the primary supplier of force in the field of air combat power and to uniquely help the USAF. Moreover, it has two other missions, those of its garrisoned divisions: to serve as both strategic and conventional force and to defend the USA. Colonel Joel S. West, the present-day Commander of the base, is very proud to have the base under its command. The base was created in 1956 but it was opened in January 2007.

The numerical data for the base are quite interesting: there are 7,599 people at the base, of whom 67% are active duty troops. The total area of this facility is 19.7 km2. Minot is usually seen in the news as a result of its training exercises, very efficient sessions and ever-perfecting jobs. The educational facilities for youngsters are in the near-by city of Minot, the base only has educational courses for troops. The housing is also difficult, as recruits who want to transfer to this location are obliged to wait for a house to be evacuated.